Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Newton will be proud

We metamorphose, for better or for worse. Life does that to us. From happy to panic attack depressive to happy again I’ve seen it all in the last 10 years; well at least a lot of it. This only makes me believe more that our natural state is to be happy…therefore we seek it. Physics explains we are bundles of energy. And energy is constantly striving to attain equilibrium or balance.

We do that be giving out excess energy – when we stand we sit to feel better and lie down to feel better still. In lying down we are in equilibrium. When we carry doubts, hurts, baggage and expectations we are off keel…and the only way to balance ourselves is to give it up…curl up into a bundle of joy or lie flat in surrender, and let go.

Now what does letting go mean? You can’t actively let go…it takes its own time, but you can work towards it by letting yourself feel all the emotions and hurts and doubts. Then slowly as each hurt is felt, each emotion is experienced and each doubt is cleared, we transform. Always for better.

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