Wednesday, July 1, 2009

missing parts

The people who fascinate you are those who you want to be.
They represent a part of you that is unexpressed…creative producer, writer, mountain traveler, free child, wildlife researcher, photographer, rockstar, army officer, sportsman, radio jockey, actor, doctor, chef etc. They dust the windows in your mind and show you the possibilities embodied through them .
But what happens once you have what they have?
Where do they go?


  1. they begin to haunt you. they go deeper down and fuck with your head. that's when you start making the comparisons. how come i'm not having it as easy as him? or, you reconcile with his brilliance and your lack of it with stuff like, maybe i need to get to his age till i start writing like he does. it's stupid, i know.

  2. Well, you took from them what they had and so they had nothing left to give and so banished themselves to the happy land of no address !
    Simples, no?

  3. you guys got my post wrong...what i meant is there are people who fascinate you because they are something you want to become. Once you become that and acquire those skills do they still fascinate you or are they rubbished.

    sorry just saw these comments.